External Fungicidal Wash

Before Greener Kleener
Before Greener Kleener

GK PRO can be used as a pre-paint cleaner and fungicidal wash. As a broad spectrum cleaner and sanitiser it will treat 99% of bacterial growths on any surface, not only fungi. If a surface is to be cleaned in preparation for painting, the decorator’s task is to remove biofilms from the surface without soaking the render in order to facilitate a speedier route to painting.

For best results, remove as much bulky growths as possible by scraping and brushing before treating. GK PRO is a surfactant so it is soapy and will attract grease and grime when agitated. However, it's intended function is to kill all living growths on the surfaces requiring painting. Where mould growths have been trapped between previous coats, all existing coatings need to be removed. Brushing or rolling with a slightly weaker solution, say 60:1, followed by a light rinsing of the stained foam will complete the preparation work. Painting can proceed as soon as the treatment has evaporated/dried.

If the painting programme is scheduled for two weeks or more AFTER the cleaning and sanitising process, decorators can save time and effort in allowing the natural weather cycles of sun and rain to do the rinse routine for them. If time allows this is a no-rinse formula.

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