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Before Greener Kleener
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Before Greener Kleener

Soft washing of cladding, domestic or industrial, provides better outcomes than pressure washing and a longer lasting clean. Cleaning cladding regularly will sustain weatherproofing, ensure the appearance is maintained and avoids the build-up of organic growths and staining.

Allowing bacterial growths to prosper, over time, will damage the surface and limits the buildings ability to remain watertight and weatherproof. Cladding, in any form, aluminium, composite, stainless steel, glass, wood, laminate, concrete and plastisol are able to benefit from a routine wash with GK PRO.

Our cladding cleaning products can restore your building to its original bright appearance, with minimum disruption to the running of your business - or damage to the cladding itself.  Having your cladding professionally cleaned can also extend its lifespan, preventing potentially expensive repair bills or end of lease “dilapidation” expense.

GK PRO is a broad-spectrum biocide cleaner, free from solvents, acids or bleach and is guaranteed not to adversely affect any component, product, coating, adhesive or sealant on your building. It will not discolour, is bio-degradable and safe to use in any environment.

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