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Before Greener Kleener
Before Greener Kleener

A routine GK PRO treatment alleviates the need for wood stains or oil. As a biocide its primary function is to eliminate bacteria, wet or dry wood rot is a bacteria -GK PRO has wood preserving properties it does not alter the appearance of wood, preserving the surface colour to its natural silver grey. On decking, a regular spray will prevent slime from forming. If the slime has been allowed to set, scrub with GK PRO diluted 1 to 50, rinse thoroughly and re-spray with GK PRO diluted 1 to 80.

Treated timber is often used to make structures last longer. However, timber exposed to outdoor elements constantly become damaged, mouldy, dirty and mildewed. Untreated, this will cause timber to rot faster than necessary. As long as your deck is not already rotten, a pressure washer may be used to restore your decks original look. Pressure washing is useful to remove visible dirt and other contaminants from the surface but it does not treat the cause or the problem. Pressure washing can be considered part 1 of a 2-part process for the initial clean down. It certainly gets rid of the visible surface growth, but it will not kill active bacterial spores within the timber surface and, if used incorrectly it can do damage to the surface. Part 2 of the process is a maintenance spray (even with a garden sprayer) of GK PRO.

After the initial 2 part clean down process, future annual programmes mean the pressure washer can stay in the shed  and a simple, quick, maintenance spray with GK PRO every year will keep your timber in good order and, perhaps more importantly – free of slip hazards.

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