GK Pro 5L

Before Greener Kleener
Before Greener Kleener

GK PRO has quickly become the roof cleaning and maintenance sector's favourite chemical for eradicating biological growths on pitched roofs. Simply following the dilution ratios and saturation levels recommended ensures a predictable and successful outcome every time.

GK Pro’s primary function is as a reliable and predictable method of treating moulds, algae, lichens, and moss. Its secondary use is as a natural surfactant cleaner so foams vigorously when applied by brush or spray, always useful as a guide for the operator.

Can be used on ANY roof substrate (excepting green or sedum roofs). Especially good for historic and fragile roof substrates, applied at low tap pressure it’s non-invasive so will not harm the roof, it prevents the likelihood of damage that harsh scouring, scrubbing or water blasting can do (applied between 3 and 6 bar).

GK Pro doesn't contain the solvents or harsh chemicals that many bleach-based cleaners incorporate. If used as instructed it cannot harm any substrate and will not oxidise or negatively impact on any roof component, it will not show any effects on leadwork – it acts only upon living cells and is an effective sanitiser on 99·9% bacterial matter

For smaller areas no specialist equipment is required - a garden sprayer will do. The active ingredient (DDAC) offers residual activity and helps prevent premature recontamination. GK Pro has a shelf life in excess of two years.

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Partridge Exterior Cleaning Are exterior cleaning specialists based in Burton-on-Trent. Sid is gaining a sound reputation for Roof Cleaning, Moss Removal, Driveway & Patio Cleaning, and Gutter cleaning. He is becoming quite a YouTube sensation offering advice and good technical expertise to anyone who asks. Sid is genuinely a nice bloke and has well over 6,000 subscribers to his channel

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